Leslie Davis

The Fearless Candidate


Release all fear.

Let go of all tension.


Leslie can show us the way out of



Leslie positions:

- Money plan to build & maintain all roads and

bridges without taxing or borrowing.

End vehicle fuel tax.

- Stop forced fluoridation of public water supplies.

- Ban high fructose corn syrup in schools.

- Energy conservation will save billions of dollars,

reduce pollution, and create thousands of jobs.

- Legalize cannabis/hemp for new industries

that will create thousands of jobs and help sick people.

- Require industrial users of public underground

water to pay 4 pennies for each gallon they use.


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Leslie Davis

Trained - Smart - Experienced - Ready

1955-1957 U.S. Army

1957-1983 sales and marketing

1983-2018 President, Earth Protector®/Companies

 1. Reduce debt:


A. Use the ‘Money Plan’ to build and maintain

roads and bridges without taxing or borrowing

thus allowing wealth money to flow into circulation.

B. End vehicle fuel and axle taxes.

2. Reduce obesity:

Eliminate high fructose corn syrup and wheat in

public schools and government funded facilities.


3. Reduce diabetes

Diabetes can be reversed with diet changes.

Leslie would also like to:

  • Legalize Cannabis for economic development (food, fiber, fuel, and medicine).
    Create new industries and thousands of jobs.
  • Release non-violent drug prisoners into a mentoring program and provide training and jobs.
    Thousands of long-haul truck drivers are needed and the pay is more than fifty thousand.

  • Stop mandatory water fluoridation to prevent fluorosis, brain damage, and reduced IQ.
  • Help building owners install modern lighting, insulation, glazing, and HVAC systems.
  • Train 1,000+ dental hygienists and technicians.
  • Prevent dentists from discharging mercury into sewers.
  • Alert public to dangers from cell phones and other Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).
  • Educate about new asthma and cancer treatments.

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