Leslie Davis


Minnesota Governor 2018

Leslie is registered with the

Campaign Finance Board

Leslie positions:

$3,000 to every Minnesotan from the

State Board of Investment's $89 billion pot.

- End vehicle; fuel tax, sales tax, and axle taxes.

- Money plan to build & maintain roads and

bridges without taxing or borrowing.

- Stop forced water fluoridation.

- Ban high fructose corn syrup in schools.

- Energy conservation plan will save billions of dollars,

reduce pollution, and create thousands of jobs.

- Legalize cannabis/hemp for health, and new industries

that will create thousands of jobs.

"The  Earth Protector TV Show"

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Leslie Davis

Earth Protector® Founder

Trained - Experienced - Ready

1955-1957 U.S. Army

1957-1982 sales and marketing

1982-2017 President, Earth Protector®/Companies

Our 2 most serious problems are


1. Reduce debt:

A. Use the ‘Money Plan’ to build and maintain

roads and bridges without taxing or borrowing.

B. End vehicle fuelaxle, and sales taxes.

2. Reduce obesity:

Eliminate high fructose corn syrup and wheat in

schools and government funded facilities.

We would also like to:

  • Legalize Cannabis for economic development (food, fiber and medicine). Create new industries and thousands of jobs.
  • Release non-violent drug prisoners into a mentoring program that will provide training and jobs. Especially long-haul truck drivers.
  • Stop mandatory water fluoridation to prevent fluorosis and brain calcification.
  • Help building owners install modern motors, HVAC systems, lighting, insulation, and glazing. Save money and create jobs.
  • Train 1,000 dental hygienists and technicians.
  • Gift $3,000 to every Minnesotan 18 and over.
  • Prevent dentists from discharging mercury into sewers.
  • Advise the public about dangers from cell phones and other Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).
  • Educate about new asthma and cancer treatments.

Leslie Davis - 612-529-5253 

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