LESLIE DAVIS 'Republicman'

GOP U.S Congress District 5

Minneapolis - St. Louis Park - Richfield - Crystal - Robbinsdale - Golden Valley - Fridley - New Hope

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The mind is everything.
What you think you become.

Dear Friends, 
I'm running for the U.S. Congress
because I have great ideas that will
benefit your health, money, and the

For those of you who don't know about me, and my great work over the years, go here: www.EarthProtector.org


5G internet technology is harmful to human health.
I oppose 5G strongly, and you must also.
Worldwide opposition to 5G is increasing every day for multiple reasons – not only biological and environmental. Look into it and work with me on this.

  • Transportation Money Plan
  • Increase Personal Savings & Take Home Pay
  • Lower Costs of Living
  • Clean Energy, Water & Environment
  • Protect Pregnant Women & Their Babies
  • Safe Roads & Bridges Without Taxes or Debt

 Money Plan to begin Amerca's rescue is now online. See above.

Forced borrowing is economic servitude, one result of creating and loaning all new money into circulation. Additionally, the debt is always greater than the money supply and growing  with  time. Only more borrowing increases the  money  supply.  The constantly growing  interest  debt  causes  an ever  widening spread between the money supply and costs. As the spread widens it drives the costs of living and doing business higher, making it harder for Americans to make ends meet, harder for business to maintain profit margins,  contributes  to  poor  resource   utilization and distribution, environmental destruction, ever increasing costs of living, low wages, growing money shortages, 'short-cuts' in production processes and more.

Producing to meet need has been lost to producing more and more just to get more  money to meet constantly rising costs caused by the growing 'spread', and to grow profits.  Some call it the 'Growth Imperative'  which  perceives the natural environment not as something to be enjoyed and cherished but rather as a means to the paramount ends of profit-making and capital accumulation. It takes  constant  marketing  to  encourage purchases  of the  excess  production and promotion of credit and borrowing  that  will hopefully enable consumption of the excess.

The growing struggle to maintain profits results in other shortcuts during production like dumping pollutants and toxins into our water and air, low nutrition foods, products of cheaper,  less  durable   materials, planned obsolescence, products requiring constant upgrades and low wages.   

Gregory K. Soderberg, Money Expert